• Dependability
    is our #1 Priority

Greater Flexibility, Higher Wages, Diverse Work Experiences, Comprehensive Benefits, Dependability…

An African-American Male Nurse

Welcome… Our Commitment to you…

Critical Resource, Inc. (CRI) is seeking dedicated healthcare professionals serious about career growth and maximizing earning potential. We are committed to making work more enjoyable by offering:

  • Flexible Hours — Work when you want.
  • Competitive Wages — Earn more money doing what you love… caring for people.
  • Diverse Work Experiences — Work where you want.
  • Comprehensive Benefits — Rest assured, we've got you covered.
  • Dependability — Our #1 Priority.

CRI has built an outstanding reputation of dependability within the healthcare community by exceeding our clients’ expectations and caring for our workforce. We offer freedom of scheduling, premium wages, and live 24-hour customer service via our toll free support number, (866) RN-STAFF. Most importantly we will give you the attention and respect you have long deserved from your past employers.

Phone: (866) RN-STAFF